Quality Health Care

We are committed to continuously improving our services and providing your child with the highest quality of care.

That is why we went through the rigorous process of earning the designation of a ‘Patient Centered Medical Home’. PCMH is a powerful, effective and proven initiative that will enable us to consistently provide your child with the best care available- even when your child is not in our office.

Patient-centered means that you and your child will be surrounded by a team of highly-skilled and dedicated healthcare professionals that will work together to meet all of your child’s healthcare needs. As your child’s primary care provider, we are the most familiar with your child’s medical history and we will lead your child’s team. The rest of the team includes other healthcare providers your child may need to see.

Medical Home
Your healthcare team will always know your child’s medical status and we will use technology, like electronic medical records, to communicate and coordinate your child’s care. For example, if your child gets a lab test everyone on your child’s team will have access to the results. That way everyone on your child’s team will always be on the same page. That level of familiarity and continuity of care is what makes a PCMH such a valuable tool for your child’s care.

You are the person most responsible for your child’s health and that means you are the most important member of your child’s healthcare team.

Here are some things you can do to make the process easier:

  • Always communicate with the members of your team about your child’s healthcare needs.
  • Share updates on medications or remedies your child is using and ask questions about them when you bring your child in for a visit.
  • Let our staff know when you see another healthcare provider, so we can add them to your child’s healthcare team. This will help us coordinate your child’s care.
  • Always try to keep appointments. If you can’t please call our office immediately to cancel and reschedule.
  • Sometimes healthcare can be difficult to understand, so if there is anything that you don’t understand please ask questions.
  • Let’s work together to develop healthy eating habits and a regular exercise program for your child and your entire family.
  • For  more information about PCMH, please call the office, 860-589-4501, and ask to speak with the Practice Manager.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)

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